FAIR OAKS VOLUNTEERS FIRE DEPT - Junior Firefighter Program
190 Ambridge Avenue, Fair Oaks, PA 15003

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Young adults ages 14 - 17 years of age that are interested in being involved with the fire service and its relationship to the community. This organization of young firefighters is known as the Fair Oaks Junior Volunteer Fire Department.

Junior Firefighters should attend every training session possible but should keep in mind that school, and homework, ALWAYS comes first.


The Junior Firefighter:

   - will be supervised by the Fire Officers and the Junior Committee.

   - will have a work permit on file with their school and the fire department.

   - will become familiar with basic procedures, guidelines, and the fire


   - will participate in training with senior firefighters.

   - will provide support at structural calls (changing air bottles, setting up

bottle change area, getting tools, etc)

   - may provide First Aid.

   - may provide outside cleanup services at a fire scene.

   - may provide refreshments and food services.

   - may assist with traffic control at vehicle accidents.

    -may extinguish brush fires under senior firefighter supervision

(17 year olds ONLY).

   - will not drive any fire apparatus.

   - will not operate any type of fire apparatus.

   - will not enter a burning structure.

   - will not extinguish vehicle fires.

   - will not operate high pressure hose lines.

   - will not climb ladders (except during training).

   - will not use electrical gloves, insulated wire cutters, cutting torches, or

power saws.

   - will not use a blue light or 4-ways when responding to a call.

If you are interested in becoming a member of this valuable organization please contact us via telephone or email.  You may also contact any of your classmates or friends that are members of the Fair Oaks Junior Volunteer Fire Department.